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EPIC Parenting Academy is specifically created for parents who are wanting more TIPS, SKILLS, and CONFIDENCE when coming up against some challenging behaviors of their children.

One thing is for sure -

"A stressed parent isn't the best parent!"

If parenting in those challenging moments gets you stressed, frustrated, and not your best...We can help!

Do Your Kids Throw Tantrums?

They can be the worst, right? Especially when they throw them IN PUBLIC! The embarrassment factor can feel overwhelming at times. I know...I've been that mom and in those moments it feels like EVERYONE is looking at you....with JUDGING EYES...or so it seems. Grocery stores became my all-time-worst event!!

Did you know that Tantrums and Meltdowns aren't the same? They're fact they are VERY different, and how you respond to them should be very different as well. If you're not sure how to tell the difference, or how to respond effectively to each of them, I've created something you'll really love, and can greatly help you!

Check it out below!

Tantrums Vs Meltdown


These are very different, and how you respond to them needs to be different as well. Do You Know the difference and how to respond to them? If not, give your best email and I'll send your FREE PDF explaining them both and how to respond to each of them.


See What's Inside This Academy

Parenting Courses

These Courses are Behavior Specific - whether yours or your child's. Let's face it - sometimes when we're stressed out and tired, we're not at our best!


Check out the Vlog posts that might solve a problem, create a mindset shift, create ideas of charity, or inspire you to become an entrepreneur.


These eBooks are meant to complement the matching courses, but they can still be a great resource if you're struggling with that specific behavior!

Mindset Shift

If You're feeling like you were meant for SO MUCH MORE, but you know you're not living to your full potential, this information is for you! A Mindset shift from the inside out is needed.

Group Coaching

Having a Coach can be the difference between FRUSTRATION and SUCCESS!

Whether it's LIFE coaching or PARENTING coaching, you'll find what you need here.


There is a way for you to earn extra income without trading hours for money. You can earn it from home, impact the lives of others, while building your wealth and leaving a legacy for your children.

Most Requested By Parents

Individual Coaching Session

SELECT One-on-one coaching to get your questions answered and tools and strategies to help with your specific needs. Schedule "as needed!"

Here's what you do next:

1) Schedule a Consultation Call First!!!

2) Pay for the Coaching Call After the Appointment has been confirmed!!

Meet The Founder of EPIC Parenting Academy

Kim M Snyder

Hello and welcome to EPIC Parenting Academy. I'm Kim Snyder. I'm a licensed counselor and parenting coach.

In this Academy - I'm not counseling anyone (I have a private practice for that). Instead, I'm...

Educating Parents; Increasing Confidence (EPIC).

I do this in several different ways.

Sometimes parents need encouragement, tips, skills, and strategies for handling some of the toughest situations with their children and their mate.

Sometimes, they want to earn more income to provide for their family, or maybe having more fun in their lives by taking trips or buying something they've always wanted. If that's you, then there's something inside this academy you'll love.

Sometimes, the one thing they need is a mindset shift. Our minds are our greatest gift to success, but if we're not truly understanding the power of the "subconscious" mind, then there's a good chance you have some limiting beliefs, which are holding you back from your full potential. If you're feeling like there's so much more you could be doing (but aren't) then this might just be what you're looking for.

To learn more about who I am as a person, a professional, a wife, mom, and MiMi, click the link below.

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