Building Wealth Momentum

Living The Life You Dream Of

I have added this piece to the Academy because it's been my experience when individuals or families feel financially strapped (especially in times like these) their emotions and attitudes are not usually their best. Having more money to pay the bills, and make ends meet can do wonders for attitudes.

Maybe you're only looking for ways to enhance your life with extras like vacations or buying that special item you've always wanted. Maybe you want to bring in another source of income to actually PAY OFF DEBTS, or save for college.

If this feels like something you'd like, then let me introduce you to Building Wealth Momentum, which is a different business that my husband Tim and I own. He and I help people set up their own online business, and then show them how they can earn money several different ways, even if they don't have a product to sell. You can earn money either in Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing. If you don't know anything about either of those, that's ok...because we do, and on our other site (you can find it by clicking the button below) we have several different FREE webinars and courses that teach you how, AND, we've also found some great products to sell as well. We know because we are also selling them!!

If you'd like to earn more income, but do not want to buy lotions and potions (like many MLM companies have you do), and you don't want to trade hours for money, then click the link below to learn more.